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Prichard Supply

All Black Crafty Pony Toy

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Introducing Crafty Ponies Pony & Book in sleek Black with a Black Mane – the perfect companion for young horse enthusiasts! Crafty Ponies are more than soft toys; they're gateways to a world of equine education and imaginative play.

Made from luxurious soft plush, these ponies feature cotton manes and tails, allowing children to practice their plaiting skills while enjoying endless hours of creative play. Each Crafty Pony comes with a comprehensive booklet guiding children through the essential aspects of pony care. Safety takes center stage, ensuring kids learn the correct and safe way to handle these magnificent animals.

Beyond play, Crafty Ponies instill valuable life lessons, nurturing a sense of responsibility, empathy, and companionship. The focus on safety in the accompanying instruction booklet reinforces good habits early on.

With additional Crafty Pony equipment and accessories available separately, the learning opportunities are boundless. Foster your child's passion for horses, encouraging them to explore the world of equine care in a fun, interactive way. Crafty Ponies Pony & Book in Black with a Black Mane is more than a stuffed animal; it's a learning companion that inspires a lifelong love for horses and responsible animal care.