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Crafty Pony Foal in Black/Brown (Bay)

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Crafty Pony Foal in Black/Brown (Bay) - the perfect companion for budding horse lovers!

  • Adorable Companion: Crafty Pony Foal in Black/Brown (Bay) embodies the charm of a real foal in a pint-sized form. With its captivating appearance and soft fur, this foal is ready to join your child on countless imaginative adventures.
  • Educational Fun: Crafty Ponies are more than toys; they're educational tools designed to ignite learning through interactive play. With their lifelike features and tactile materials, children can engage in imaginative scenarios while honing essential skills like grooming and nurturing.
  • Authentic Detail: Crafty Pony Foal is meticulously crafted with lifelike attributes and premium materials, ensuring a realistic and cuddly appearance. Its striking black/brown coat and gentle demeanor make it an irresistible companion for young horse enthusiasts.
  • Exclusive Foal Accessories: Look for special foal-sized accessories tailored specifically for Crafty Pony Foals.
  • Dimensions: Crafty Pony Foal in Black/Brown (Bay) measures approximately 16cm to the wither, 19cm to the head, and a length of 29cm.