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Crafty Pony Foal in Piebald

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Crafty Pony Foal in Piebald - the perfect companion for young horse enthusiasts!

  • Miniature Marvel: Crafty Pony Foal in Piebald offers all the joys of caring for a real horse in a pint-sized form. This charming foal brings the magic of the stable right into your child's hands.
  • Educational Entertainment: Crafty Ponies are not just plush toys; they're educational aids designed to ignite learning through hands-on play. With their cotton manes and tails, children can practice grooming and braiding, nurturing essential fine motor skills while enjoying imaginative play.
  • Realistic Charm: Crafty Pony Foal is meticulously crafted with lifelike features and luxurious fur fabric, ensuring an irresistibly cuddly and realistic appearance. Watch as your child's imagination runs wild during countless hours of play with their new foal companion.
  • Exclusive Foal Accessories: Stay tuned for exclusive foal-sized accessories specially designed for Crafty Pony Foal. Please note that general Crafty Ponies accessories will not fit the foal size.
  • Dimensions: Crafty Pony Foal in Piebald measures approximately 16cm to the wither, 19cm to the head, and a length of 29cm.